Collars are no longer for your dog or your dad anymore. They are one of the hottest ways to spice up an outfit and can be worn in endless ways. Gone are the days where the only use for collars was to be a holding place for a tie in an office setting. With a new generation comes a new advent of style and the option to upgrade our wardrobes using pieces from unexpected places.

This Fashionista’s style caught my eye with how she accentuated her outfit with her adorable lace collar. The light mint color of her sweater went perfectly with the creamy white collar and gave a combination that was preppy, but easy to wear for class. By adding the collar to her outfit, this Fashionista had a neck detail that differed from the typical necklace or scarf. Along with her sweater combination, this Fashionista paired dark jeans and super cool sneakers that let her be fashionable and functional at the same time. The elevated sneakers give this Fashionista added height without the worry of heels, which is nice to have with when walking to and from different buildings around campus all day. To finish off her look, she went for a simple, yet elegant, pearl stud.

One Simple Change: Make this outfit more formal by experimenting with different elements. Try a lace collared dress for a more sophisticated Jackie O look. Can’t find a dress that suits your style? This outfit also looks formal and chic when paired with a pencil skirt and heels.