Make way freezing temperatures, spring has officially arrived. There has been a rather sudden change here in the mountains from puffy jackets to lightweight sweaters. The student body here at James Madison has made it a point to come out in full force with shorts, dresses, short sleeves and amazing sunnies since the sun is no longer barricaded behind clouds. This has made my job a great deal easier in finding amazing outfits that are not hidden beneath ten layers of ten different fabrics.

This Fashionista was on her way to class when I caught up to her and she is the true embodiment of spring. First, her sunglasses are a hippie’s dream. Circular glasses complement so many face shapes and stray away from the styles that are normally worn by the masses. Though spring is here, that doesn’t mean that the slight bite of the wind isn’t around which is why her sweater is such a perfect way to stay warm without having to bundle up. The fringe of the sweater paired with the retro glasses and always in style knee-high socks and Converse combo creates a really aesthetically interesting look. Being easy to put together and not too restrictive, this outfit is just right to wear to class in celebration of spring.

Following in this Fashionista’s fashionable steps, one can be sure to catch a few admirers who will likely ask the most complimentary of questions: “Where did you get that?!”

One Simple Change: For nighttime, as it grows colder, switching the woven cardigan for a heavy duty coat would be a great way to dress up the look while maintaining its casual charm. And if need be, swapping the Converse for an interesting shoe would make a class outfit into a class act outfit. Excuse the pun but it will work, trust me.