With a hectic schedule following the much needed spring break, it seems us Fashionistas are looking for ways to incorporate some new spring trends into our wardrobe without having to steal too much of our sleep time in the process. I am sure I am not the only one trying to re-adjust back to the school morning routine from the long break. In the mornings it’s especially hard to forgo those last five minutes of shut eye to better assess our outfit for the day. Being a sleepy struggler myself most mornings, I have found that the beauty of simple layering with tiny touches of edge will give me the extra five minutes I need under the sheets, while also giving me an effortless look for class.

This Fashionista captures this ideal perfectly. Her rocker edge is both super cool and put-together for a busy day of classes. I love vests with subtle details like this one; the Aztec printed shoulders really articulate a casual vibe but also give her a one-up when it comes to school day fashion. It’s nice to have pieces like this in your wardrobe that will allow you easy mobility in class and can easily be taken off if your classroom decides to be 50 degrees hotter than the day before. Her black fringe booties further accentuate her ensemble, easily being a staple in her outfit for shoe fanatics like myself. Her accessories pull her outfit all together and end up giving her edgy outfit a classic twist, one of my favorite combos that I incorporate a lot into my wardrobe for a day of classes.

One Simple Change: Looking to transform this look into one that will fit a Friday night out with your friends? Try swapping out the vest for a black leather jacket. Make sure it is one that will keep you warm but will still give you that edgy vibe that will be turning heads downtown!