On our campus, looking cute at class isn’t a priority. I’m not trying to diss any of the students here, but it’s hard to be motivated to look cute when it’s either freezing cold, raining or burning hot. All you really want to do is dress, hopefully, in accordance with the weather. It is easier said than done! However, there are days when it’s actually quite beautiful outside. When the winter is over, the clouds subside and the heat is a few weeks away, you can get some cute outfits in when you’re headed to classes.

This Fashionista took advantage of the beautiful weather we had. She chose to embrace the warmth with her crop top, but still keep warm with the jeans for when the breeze comes through. I like this outfit mostly because of the colors, or lack thereof, and the tomboy and grunge aspects of it. You can never go wrong with black and white no matter what the season. It matches absolutely everything and anything, which means clashing is never something you have to worry about. She’s wearing a black and white halter crop top. It’s super casual and easy to style in other ways. With this crop trop from Love Culture, you can wear an asymmetrical skirt like this one from NASTY GAL. Her pants are black, destroyed jeans and I’m a sucker for any kind of jeans! The jeans and white Converse sneakers go together flawlessly; the contrast in color makes both of them bring a different aspect to the outfit. The sneakers are tomboyish while the jeans are very grunge. If you don’t have black jeans you can recreate this outfit with regular boyfriend jeans like these from Urban Outfitters; it would definitely play up the tomboy feel!

One Simple Change: This outfit can very easily become a day to night outfit. Obviously it’s already a day outfit, so to make it appropriate for a night out just add a pair of your favorite heels and some dramatic jewelry like this necklace from Topshop.