With the snow slowly melting into slush and the sun shining longer it’s time to free yourself of your heavy parka and embrace lighter attire. This new mindset applies to what you wear to class too. I love how carefree and effortless this Fashionista’s look is. From her sleek steel gray boots to her light cargo jacket and her raspberry tote bag, she is fashionably ready for class.

Tote bags are the perfect go-to accessory nowadays because they do it all and carry it all. These bags are great for an on the go lifestyle that college students quickly adapt to. You can easily throw in all your needed essentials as you rush to class, but also use it afterwards when hitting the gym or going out. They’re supportive so they can carry all those books you should be studying, but they also add a slice of personality to your look. This tote bag in particular is an amazing complementary accessory. The color is a great contrast to this Fashionista’s otherwise neutral toned look, therefore making it a great accent piece. This tote bag is such a cheerful shade that it’s hard not to love this Fashionista’s look.

Not only is this particular accessory class-friendly, this Fashionista’s outfit is quite simple to replicate for your own day-to-day schedule. Comfort, simplicity and chicness is the way to be for the weekly grind and this is exactly what this Fashionista conveys. The perfect class attire solution is to throw on a cozy, neutral shirt, layer it with a simple and chic jacket or sweater; finalize it all with cute and complementary accessories.

One Simple Change: Although this tote bag may be ready for going out, you can easily change up your look to make it ready for a new occasion as well. Switch out the cozy shirt for a sleeker blouse. Be on the hunt for a neutral fringe top or a cute silk blouse to layer underneath an edgy jacket. This new look is still super simple but is kicked up a few notches.