Happy spring, Fashionistas! The sun has made its way out from behind the clouds, the snow is slowly melting and the squirrels are coming out of hibernation! Unfortunately, classrooms are still freezing. How can one possibly dress for the new warmer temperatures while always keeping comfortable for class? This Fashionista’s fabulous outfit makes for some great inspiration!

This look is just perfect for the transitional time of year. The floral blouse is bohemian, just warm enough and just casual enough for class. The dark wash skinnies are a simple classic that complement the outfit perfectly. I am also loving the combat boots, as they add a bit of toughness that’s a little rough around the edges to make the whole look more playful. My favorite part of this Fashionista’s look? Her fabulous vest, of course! It’s super warm, soft and a great layering piece for spring. The geometric trim is definitely an added bonus. As a whole, this outfit is simple, bohemian and easy going, making it perfect for a long day of classes.

If you’re looking for a way to be just as stylish for lecture, your search ends here! This Fashionista’s style inspiration is sure to take you in the right direction; whether you’re trekking across campus or celebrating warmer temperatures!

One Simple Change: You looked so impressively gorgeous in class that the cutie seated in the back asked you out on a date. Don’t stress, Fashionistas, because this outfit is perfect for a casual first outing! Simply swap out the combat boots for ballet flats for an ultra feminine touch. Impress him with your straight-A style and your personality!