One thing that is just an unspoken fact that every Fashionista/o and fashion student knows and has to abide by is to always dress up for class. Regardless of how early your class may be, dressing up is a must. Not only will you feel more productive, but the appreciation from the general public will totally pay off. What better way to start your day than with a pile of compliments with the little extra effort you put forth towards wearing a trendy garment?

This Fashionista is dressed to glamorous perfection. Not only does her look represent the perfect mood as the sunshine begins to provide the springtime weather, but the overall structure with her color scheme is quintessential. While colors are always a fun way to bring in the season, it’s sometimes difficult to keep yourself from overstepping the boundaries and becoming too bright and colorful. The key to keeping yourself inside of those boundaries are the deeper toned colors as seen in this look. The mustard top, maroon tights and olive green jacket are very well blended together without screaming, “I’m ready for summer!” and forgetting that spring is still yet to fully bloom. The sunglasses that she is rocking has the perfect color match with the top. These are the details to be considerate of when styling a look.

One Simple Change: When the sun is shining, colors are so fun to play around with. The sun perfectly compliments any color well. When the night time rolls around, colors may not be your best friend like they would be in the sunshine. Consider a more neutral and darker color to wear to take this look from day to night.