We all have heard this before. First impressions are everything! That will be significant in your professional and academic life. The first day of class can be something serious. You’re nervous because the professor may be new, and you may see some unfamiliar faces. The best part about dressing up for class is that you’ll seem approachable and serious about making the most out of it. Dressing up makes you look and feel better, and this Fashionisto definitely dressed to impress.

This Fashionisto kept his outfit simple but used layers to his advantage. Layers are always a good idea when trying to achieve a more classic look. I liked the fact that he mixed textures, as well. The knit sweater he wore went well with the heavy jacket to attain some warmth on the long walk to class. It’s always interesting seeing guys style their outfits because you find out a lot about their personality. This Fashionisto is clearly very relaxed and laid back. He paired the classy sweater and the casual jacket with a pair of khakis. Khakis are very universal because they can be worn casually or formally. To finish his ensemble, he wore a pair of Cole Haan style shoes.

One Simple Change: It’s okay to dress up when you’re going to class or a meeting with your professor. When you’re on your way to do a little tailgating, trade the nice knit sweater for a hoodie and cool sneakers. To make it more casual, pull out your favorite pair of dark wash jeans. They will go well with your hoodie and jacket, maintaining a level of male class.