Between finishing up those last-minute assignments and getting your hands on an iced Americano, the short amount of time we have before classes can get a little hectic. If you find yourself constantly pressing the snooze button and desperately wishing you had a personal stylist to pick your outfit, you’re definitely not alone. Although slipping on a pair of yoga pants may seem like a good solution, it’s important for us Fashionistas/os to put on our best threads and embrace whatever our day on campus may bring. As cheesy as it may sound, wearing an outfit you love can totally take the edge off your busy day.

This Fashionista’s class-worthy look is the perfect combination of comfort and style. She opts for a classic striped T-shirt dress and makes the look her own by layering on other pieces. While mastering the art of layering may seem a little intimidating, this Fashionista proves that it’s simple when using neutral colors. She cinches a chambray button-down around her waist to add some shape to her dress. As classrooms are a little too cold for comfort sometimes, her slouchy gray sweater makes her ensemble ideal for a day spent running around campus.

To make her look a little more playful, this Fashionista finishes off her outfit with a pair of ankle boots and knee high socks. Even though her look screams street-chic, it’s important to note that this Fashionista’s look is just as comfortable as a pair of yoga pants. Next time you’re about to hit that snooze button, consider that the cure for your morning wardrobe panic is hanging in your closet.

One Simple Change: Headed off to celebrate after class? Ditch the sweater and slip on a pair of heeled ankle boots for a look worthy of a night out on the town.