I live across the street from Imperial College, which is a highly esteemed university in London. Every day, my friends and I come across beautiful people from all corners of the world. If we take a ride on the Tube, we hear accents ranging from Irish to Arabian. One of my favorite things to do is analyze the style choices that I come across. I have seen everything from mid-2000s grunge with excessive amounts of black eyeliner to highbrow prep in the form of tan trench coats and slim-fitting button-downs.

Living in such a diverse area, I see professionals hurrying to work and moms striving for exercise as they power walk with their strollers in Hyde Park. The most common character I see in South Ken is a college student. I stopped this fashionable fellow walking through the brick buildings on his way to class. He was wearing the perfect outfit for a transition from an outing in the city to a lecture at university. It was comfortable yet stylish.

He rocked a color-blocked sweatshirt, with the navy blue contrasting the ivory-gray. He had a pair of Nike high-tops that matched his sweatshirt. He tied it together with gray jeans and a silver watch. A watch is a power move for any guy; it is a staple for their wardrobe. He completed the look with a navy blue backpack. This accessory is ideal for a day on the town and for class.

Need an inspiration for a day in the city? Take a few pointers from this guy!

One Simple Change: If you need to switch up your outfit for an informal date night, throw on a pair of navy blue chukkas, ditch the backpack and you are good to go!