We all have that battle where we try to decide if we want to be comfortable or stylish for class. Well, why can’t you have both? This Fashionista has the perfect way to end the debate and show you can be both.

The most crucial part of perfecting this outfit is the pants. You want to keep true to your fashion sense but still be comfortable for your long day of classes. This Fashionista said her go-to pants for class are her black leggings. It allows her to stay comfortable for walking across campus and sitting through classes. They also come in about every color, pattern, size and length that you want, so it makes them very easy to shop for and match to any outfit.

She also stays fashionable by wearing one of the popular trends right now: denim! Her denim button-up allows for the layering look by throwing a simple cami or V-neck underneath. This Fashionista always loves to wear a scarf. She keeps busy by crocheting her own infinity scarves, so she can have one in every color. This adds her own personal style touch, and she gets to have fun with it, which is one of the most important traits of fashion!

One Simple Change: If you are lucky enough to be somewhere with some warmer weather, ditch the scarf and add a chunky necklace in its place!