It’s 5:00 a.m., and your alarm breaks the silence of your deep slumber. You can barely open your eyes from the near all-nighter you pulled. On top of your tiredness, you have to somehow manage to look good today since you have an in-class presentation. Does this sound familiar? We have all been in this situation, maybe more times than we’d like to admit. So when it comes to getting dressed and looking semi decent for the day, it can be difficult. So what’s the best way to achieve this? By wearing all-black everything.

One glance at this Fashionista proves that this look is put together, comfortable and most importantly, easy to throw on. What I love most about this outfit is the black parka with a fur lined hood. It’s the essence of comfort yet is chic enough that you won’t look like you just rolled out of bed. Whether you pair the parka with a sweater like this Fashionista did or a loose T-shirt, the options are endless. To finish off the outfit, this Fashionista kept the trend of all-black in her outfit with her black skinny jeans, completed by a pair of light tan booties.

Being a graphic design student, this Fashionista knows how crazy the life of a student can be and knows the reality of all-nighters. This outfit is perfect for a packed day of running around campus. The best part is that there is no dealing with fussy layers. When this Fashionista enters the classroom, she can be quick and prepared by simply throwing off her parka. Most importantly, this outfit makes getting ready simple and minimizes the stresses that come with sleep deprivation.

One Simple Change: Do you have a class presentation? Simply switch out the sweater for a crisp white blouse, and layer a black blazer underneath the parka, and this look is instantly professional.