Getting good grades is hard enough, but looking good while doing it can possess a challenge at times. Let’s be frank here; during the colder months, inspiration is hard to find. That being said, it’s about being smart when accessorizing for the trek to class. It’s a balancing act between staying warm, stylish and being able to be both quickly. The true dilemma is that you want to be comfortable and look put together.

This Fashionista came to the rescue with the perfect understated look for class. The look manages to look effortless yet polished. The undisputed winter staple for college students—the black parka—serves as the base while the plaid scarf is the focal piece. Plaid scarves can do no wrong, and this Fashionista does hers justice by making it the main interest of the outfit. I also love how the Fashionista layers tights and knee-high socks with her black riding boots. The layering adds a dimension to the look, and brings a youthfulness to the dark hued outfit.

To achieve the balance between being comfortable and chic, be simple and smart with your accessories. Looking put together does not have to mean spending precious time in the morning picking out the perfect outfit. To look polished, it’s a matter of knowing how to work with what you have and use it wisely. Make an impact with one or two pieces and keep the rest of the look neutral.  Also, make sure that you give your statement pieces proper interest.

One Simple Change: To make the look a little dressier for a date night, try swapping out the parka for a peacoat. Another option would be to keep the parka. To make it look cohesive, just wear tights and forgo the knee-high socks.