If you live near the Midwest, chances are you’ve been hit with large amounts of snow in the past week that makes it impossible to get to class. Nothing worse than getting up for an early class and seeing piles of snow outside. How does one appropriately trek across campus without skating down sidewalks? Let’s look to this Fashionisto I spotted for the answer.

It is sweater weather no doubt, and this Fashionisto sports an interesting one at that. The quilted knit texture is absolutely unique and is the highlight of the look. Sweaters are a great choice when dressing for class since they can be worn alone or layered like our Fashionisto has done. The pale pink color of this sweater against the vibrant red pattern of the button-down shirt is a great point of contrast, and by limiting the appearance of the red button-down the colors flow nicely together. This Fashionisto gets an A+ for staying warm by pairing a button-down shirt and sweater together, but let’s not forget the rest of the outfit. A pair of slouchy black pants give off the comfy and cool vibe and will no doubt be better to walk in than jeans. Finally the items that just might save you while walking to class; the shoes! I have busted it on plenty of sidewalks because of poor shoe choices and ice. While we can’t do anything about ice, we can pick out shoes that don’t contribute to the problem. This Fashionisto sports Dr. Martens, a personal favorite of mine that have never let me down. Though any pair of boots that have good traction on the bottom will do you well.

One Simple Change: Heading out for the night after class? No worries throw a black blazer on top of the look. Its formal shape will balance the casual appearance of the pants and sweater and the black color will be classic and chic.