With all the winter storms blasting the northeast with inches of snow and terrible wind chills, Cornell University students are struggling making it to class without becoming a total icicle. Bundling up to prevent hypothermia is a must in these subzero temperatures, but this does not always mean sacrificing fashion. The ever-present gray sky makes it hard to keep a cheery disposition, however, dressing in chic outfits for classes will surely put a smile on any Fashionista’s face.

What you wear shows a lot about a person, and this Fashionista shows the world she is an easy going, trendy, fun girl with a sense of style. Playing with the ever-comfy legging, she contrasts the casual look with an intricate cutout O’Neill long sleeve exposing the back. Playing peekaboo with this cutout, she emphasis her strappy bralette. Cornell is known for it’s constant form of precipitation, and to combat this slush, this Fashionista sports the very fashionable Tory Burch riding boot that has a pop of pink to brighten the mood. Mixing casual with edgy, this Fashionista is ready to learn, with the eyes of her classmates on her.

To protect against the elements, this Fashionista tops off her outfit with the perfect version of the ever-common peacoat. Without the proper buttons, this jacket transforms into a high collared zipped coat. Added to the already edgy look, she transforms her outfit from casual to more formal, as well preppy.

Find yourself simply needing a break from jeans? I suggest paring your favorite pair of leggings with a top with trendy cutouts. This alone can take any outfit that one would find in the library or dining hall and upscale it to the appropriate level for class.

One Simple Change: Find yourself having a presentation in one of your later classes? Bring along a cardigan to throw on just before talking. This simple change can help eliminate the provocativeness of the open back and help avoid feeling too exposed in front of that large lecture hall.

bkl37@cornell.edu (Brenna Louie)