It is very tempting, to say the least, to hit snooze several times on that horrid alarm clock; especially when you where dreaming about warm, sandy beaches. Although you may have an 8 a.m. class, it does not mean you need to rush to that lecture in a hoodie, slippers and last night’s pajama pants. Choose the alternative route, and select your outfit the night before. That way, you are fashionably prepared when that earsplitting alarm goes off, dutifully reminding you of your responsibilities as a college student.

This Fashionista is unquestionably prepared for class, presenting proof with her preppy attire. Her uncomplicated but polished outfit is the impeccable option to wear for class. Layered underneath her warm, black coat is her oversized, burgundy cardigan. Her striped, black-and-white shirt is a chic accent, adding to her classic taste. Who can argue against how well the black stripes match the dark coat? Her distressed jeans complement the outfit with a touch of a grunge to her otherwise preppy wardrobe. The brown, lace-up booties are both polished and comfy, which is a plus for those longs walks across campus. A bright green The North Face backpack keeps all of her school accessories in one organized location. This Fashionista’s braided, high bun is styled with sophistication that complements her entire ensemble.

Wearing her chic attire, this Fashionista has no worries about being late to class. In fact, with a classy outfit like that in mind, the mere thought of hitting snooze on the alarm is far from your mind. You’re much too excited to attend lecture this morning, especially when striding to class in your stylish sartorial.

One Simple Change: Did you plan a night out at the movies? Exchange the bulky backpack for a small and classy shoulder bag.