Going to class is an essential part of any college students’ day. The dillema most students face is whether they should dress up or dress down for class. Now, dressing up doesn’t mean you need to wear heels, and dressing down doesn’t mean you need to wear sweatpants. There’s always a perfect balance between the two, and this Fashionista knows exactly what that is.

College classes are the perfect place to make friends and potentially meet someone who’ll be more than friends. Wearing the right outfit is key. My biggest tip is to go for something that is comfortable yet still stylish like this Fashionista did.

She is sporting a black skater dress that is made out of a cotton material, meaning it’s extra comfy. She mixed neutrals in this outfit which is one of my favorite trends this season. Her accessories were pretty basic, but they helped to enhance the overall look. Jewelry is a must for this outfit, and this Fashionista has the perfect ones. Layering the necklaces and bracelets help to show her personality. The brown bootstights and oatmeal colored cardigan give the outfit the warmth she needs in the colder climate of Flagstaff.

The pieces in this outfit are very versatile and easy to pair with whatever you may have in your wardrobe. They also work with everyone’s style because they are basics.

One Simple Change: Impromptu class presentation? Swap out the cardigan for a bold colored blazer, and you’ve gone from comfy casual to business babe!