When preparing yourself for class, you may face a series of difficult questions. Do I dress to impress today or am I feeling a little slack? Is wearing a suit to class over doing it or is it just enough to stand out from the crowd? This Fashionisto took on dressy and casual, creating the perfect professional look for class.

This Fashionisto got it right! Pairing a gray blazer with a white button-down shirt were the first of his choices. Having these two pieces without a tie is dressy but still gives off a very laid back look. This Fashionisto’s dark denim skinny jeans and cognac colored oxfords bring this outfit to a fashionable close. This outfit is perfect for a professional yet casual look for a busy day of classes.

As college students, we are constantly told to dress for the part, dress to impress, or even dress for the job we are pursuing. The idea of wearing a business suit to class may seem like a nightmare to some, but there are definitely easy and fashionably classy ways to get around it. Fashionistas have an abundance of options when it comes to business casual apparel. From dresses with boots, to dress shirts and slacks, it may seem like options are endless for us. But what about those Fashionistos? Take notes from this Fashionisto ‘s to get that perfect business casual look.

One Simple Change: Let’s take this look from class ready to interview ready by swapping the skinny jeans for dress pants and adding a tie! These two simple changes transform this look into the business attire any company would be looking for.