Class: it’s where, whether we like it or not, we college students spend a good portion of our waking (or sleeping, depending on the subject) hours during the week. Sometimes, waking up that extra 15 minutes early to plan an outfit just isn’t in the cards. I get it, the snooze button calls my name a little too often, too. On the days when I find myself scrambling to class, having a go-to outfit makes my mornings run a little more smoothly. I mean, at least my standing in line at Starbucks for my mandatory post-five hours of sleep venti coffee outfit is a little more stylish.

This Fashionista has mastered the dress for class look. Not only does she look perfectly put together, but the amount of variations this outfit also provides is endless. She sports a white crop top and a black skirt over black tights. Her black socks and boots add extra warmth for the winter. Her denim jacket contributes a more playful vibe, as does her geometric necklace.

This outfit makes the perfect style statement for class any day of the week. All of the pieces are versatile and can be combined in different colors to look like whole new outfits. One of my most useful college habits is, when I find a wardrobe basic that I like, I buy it in several colors. This helps me to add some variation to my go-to styles.

One Simple Change: This outfit could easily be transitioned into concert-going wear by exchanging the white crop top for a band T-shirt. You could also switch the boots to your favorite Converse or the solid tights to patterned ones. The denim jacket is edgy and keeps you warm!