It’s crazy to think that we’re in the middle of January when it’s 78 degrees and rainy outside, but that’s typical Florida weather. It gets annoying sometimes especially trying to find an outfit to wear for class. Some people usually would just throw on a pair of leggings and a T-shirt, but this Fashionista decided she would be different. She keeps it cute and simple, yet still appropriate for the bipolar weather.

Her outfit is simple but features a few key elements. A button-up is an essential piece for everyone since it can be dressed up or down. The fabric is light enough to prevent a heat stroke, but warm enough for surviving those freezing classrooms.

For an occasion such as class, pairing it with some comfortable jeans does just the trick. Rather than plain denim, she sports an olive green colored pant with cuffs at the ankle for some added details. Despite her eye-catching color scheme, she keeps it coordinated with a thin brown belt and brown sandals to match.

This Fashionista chose to have her backpack as her statement piece. It serves as a great place to store her books while showing off how much she loves her country. The great thing about it is that the colors aren’t as bright as the actual American flag so she can discretely show off her pride and still stay fashionable.

One Simple Change: Have to run to work right after class is over? This look can easily be transformed into work appropriate by adding a blazer and closed toed flats. Also, switching a backpack for a smaller purse will add the perfect finishing touch.