So, we’ve made it Fashionistas/os, spring is finally upon us. After all those months of brutal, sub-freezing temperatures, we can finally leave our winter coats in the closet and step out into the sun. The first nice day always feels like summer, even if it barely clears 50 degrees. Don’t let this fool you though. Just because it’s nice, doesn’t mean it’s time for flip flops and cut-offs just yet!

As excited as I am for spring, I am certainly not looking forward to that awkward period between winter and spring. You know, the one where you can’t exactly go strolling around campus in sandals and a sundress, but you also can’t wear boots and jeans? Yeah, that one. What do you wear to class, then, you ask? Even the most seasoned Fashionistas/os struggle with this question, but the answer is simple—balance. It is important to balance your look so you aren’t sweating by wearing too many winter pieces, but also not freezing in an outfit fit for a summer day.

I spotted this Fashionista headed to class on a gorgeous, sunny day. She dressed perfectly for the weather in distressed jeans, high-top Converse and a maroon V-neck shirt. The jeans are rolled at the ankle, giving her a great spring feeling. The maroon shirt is casual, but she dressed it up with a long gold necklace. The necklace adds a little sparkle to her otherwise basic outfit, bringing the whole look together. To finish it off, she wears all-white, high-top Converse. They function as a transition piece that bring her look into spring and can be worn through the summer as well. 

One Simple Change: As the sun sets and the weather cools off, throw on a canvas jacket to keep your look casual for a night out with friends. It’ll keep your look feeling fresh, while the extra layer will keep you warm enough for walking around outdoors.