Class is officially in session at Ohio University! The start of a new semester can mean a lot of different things for students. It can mean a chance to not sleep through your 10:00 a.m. class again, to talk to that one special person you’ve had your eye on since the fall or don new, stylish threads. This is exactly what this Fashionisto decided to do.

OU is a pretty laid back school where style doesn’t always seem to be the first thing that pops into students’ minds on a Monday morning. If you sit down in class and scan the room, you will see a sea of hoodies and sweatpants. This Fashionisto would have any girl in his class stopping for a double take. He’s sporting jeans, a simple white V-Neck and embracing the layering trend by adding a chunky, dark gray button-down sweater. What takes this look from basic to rugged-chic is without a doubt the accessories. His army green cargo jacket is definitely the focal point of the outfit and is practical for the frigid Athens temperatures. He tops the outfit off by adding some fingerless gloves for a little more warmth and a manly pair of Timberland boots.

Boys take note and follow in this Fashionisto’s footsteps. He is sure to have the respect of the teacher while also making it a bit harder for the girls in the class to focus on the board.

One Simple Change: Have an interview for that internship you’ve been dreaming of all year following class? Just switch out those jeans for a pair of nice khakis to create an equally fashionable yet professional look.