This Fashionisto has put together a perfect ensemble for class and confirmed the reason why peacoats will never go out of fashion. There is no denying that the beginning of the second semester can be difficult—the weather is incessantly gloomy and it is way to early to begin the spring break countdown but even so, resist the urge to reach for the sweats. A classic black peacoat can dress up even the simplest of looks. Take a tip from this Fashionisto and throw one over a cotton button-down and jeans. The look is casual yet sophisticated, fantastic for a day of classes or for tackling the mid January gloom head on.

The gem of this outfit is its simplicity. The Fashionisto has combined an unassuming pair of gray skinnies with a cotton button-down. The form fitting nature of the skinnies coupled with the coarse textured, unbuttoned shirt create a laid back base that is easy to put together. That doesn’t mean he is afraid to add some of his personality to the look. His rugged square-toed boots add a splash of rocker sensibility to achromatic pieces.

One would expect to see a denim or leather jacket finish off this outfit, no? This Fashionisto’s use of the classic peacoat is so refreshing. It not only adds a good amount of structure to a very casual look but it also makes the look more versatile. The task of finding a peacoat isn’t challenging (they are everywhere), but adding character can be. Take a cue from this Fashionisto and finish off your look with a popped collar. This adds movement to a mostly stagnant outfit and is a cheeky way to make the peacoat more youthful and fun.

Hello, Serge Gainsbourg!

One Simple Change: Going straight from class to an internship interview? Switch the peacoat for a black or navy blue blazer. Add a plaid scarf to the look and be sure to tuck your shirt in. It’s casual yet refined—perfect for the office.