Getting ready for class is always a struggle. Picking an outfit to carry you through your daily activities can be difficult enough, let alone having to worry about varying your look from the days before. (If you’re anything like me, resisting the urge to throw on a sweater with leggings and riding boots is a daily occurrence). However, picking a fabulous outfit for class doesn’t have to be as difficult and intimidating as it may seem.

As I’m sure you all know by now, I’m a strong advocate of the power of accessories. The base of your outfit may be simple, but just by adding or changing accessories you can create endless amounts of vastly different looks, styles and vibes. For example, this Fashionista started her outfit with a simply henley tank top, a light cardigan sweater, a pair of jeans and, of course, riding boots. However, what really made her outfit adorable was her choice of accessories.

From head to toe, this Fashionista was rocking all sorts of fun accessories. Her ears were full of fun jewelry, her sunglasses made me desperate for summer on an abnormally warm early spring day, her Alex and Ani “arm party” glistened in the sun and her small cross-body bag allowed her to tote all of the essentials at her hands-free convenience. Most importantly, this Fashionista completed her look with a necklace featuring a horseshoe pendent that allowed her personality and passion to shine through in the form of her personal style.

Accessories can transform an outfit making them a godsend for college students. No room to bring all of your clothes to school? Too broke to expand your wardrobe? No time or energy left to get super creative with your look? No problem! Don’t be afraid to reach for some of your go-to pieces, just get creative with the accessories that you pair them with and no one will ever know.

One Simple Change: Weather still a little cold for your liking? Swap the bracelets for a pair of leather gloves, the necklace for a fluffy faux fur scarf and add a beanie with a fun little pom-pom. Voila—your outfit has transformed, and you’re ready for whatever the lingering winter weather may throw your way.