Getting ready for class in the morning can be a daunting task. Your alarm goes off and you find yourself desperately craving even just a few extra minutes of sleep. After smacking the snooze button way too many times, you finally roll out of bed. Instead of resorting to a dull combination, you can easily take your look to an elevated level despite your lack of time.

It’s true that you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of denim, however, an awesome alternative is a denim overall dress. This is a majorly trending piece right now, and a perfect choice for the rising spring temperatures. Not into dresses? There are plenty of pant and short options for overalls as well! Underneath your overalls, you can choose to opt for a basic T-shirt like this Fashionista did, or you can go for a top with a bold pattern such as polka dots or florals.

Walking around campus all day definitely means that comfort is necessary. Luckily, the best shoe option to go with your overalls is also extremely comfortable—sneakers! You can wear some classic Stan Smiths or opt for a pair of colored Vans, either way, you will be all set to conquer your day pain free and in style.

Accessorizing when you are racing the ticking clock can also be a challenge. Here’s some advice that will help you handle two problems at once. Choosing a cute hat is a classic way to hide a bad hair day or cover your lack of time to style hair. This Fashionista’s baseball cap helps maintain the sporty vibes of the outfit and brings everything together while also being practical. Additionally, you can choose to add a dainty bracelet or necklace. This whole outfit is majorly Brandy Melville-inspired, and this Fashionista’s accessories play into that really well. Find your own source of fashion inspiration that you can always resort to, and quickly adapt it to your personal style.

Who says you have to choose between sleep and your self-presentation? Try out some of these simple swaps the next time you are crunched for time. Own it, Fashionista/os!