As March ends and April creeps in, it’s sometimes difficult to find a comfortable, yet weather appropriate outfit. I know I struggle to decide whether or not I will need a light jacket to walk to class. If I do, I end up too hot, but if I don’t, I end up too cold. There is one simple trend that can solve this problem that most people face: layering.

Throwing on a thick, long, button-down cardigan will solve the weather problem immediately. It will keep you stylish and cozy but not over the top. Most guys on college campuses are tempted to throw on athletic shorts and sneakers to go to class, but there are a select few who like to dress above the rest. This Fashionisto threw on a basic outfit of a plain black T-shirt and dark wash jeans and spruced it up for the season with a light gray cardigan. Each layer complements the other because of the simple, neutral colors. His boat shoes give the outfit a more retro vibe, which have been very prominent in Urban Outfitter’s new spring collections (they also put their winter cardigans on sale during the first few months of spring, so stock up while you can).

This super simple, classic outfit is easily achieved for anyone. A cardigan never goes out of style and can be used as a staple in a spring or winter wardrobe. During the spring, I like to throw on a tank top and shorts and dress up the outfit with a long cardigan, sandals, and long necklaces. This easy layering trick makes the outfit appropriate for class but still cute!

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