Spring semester is officially in full swing, and although it’s consider to be the “spring” semester, the weather feels as if it’s below zero. The worst part about walking to class is that you are going to class (nobody wants to do that), but it does not help when the weather is unbearable and, like it has been quite recently, unpredictable. Early class means hitting the snooze button one too many times, and it is hard to plan chic outfits ahead of time.

This Fashionista combines both comfort and style into her walks to class. She is wearing a burgundy corduroy long sleeve paired with a denim button-down underneath. If you have ever worn corduroy before you know it’s the most comfortable type of fabric. Not only that, but it also holds in heat. Even if this Fashionista felt too cozy in her corduroy top she could easily tie it around her waist because of its long sleeves. The black denim pants complement both the burgundy top and camel colored booties, allowing the different colors to be emphasized.

This outfit is ideal for lazy mornings when you just do not have the energy or time to look decent. This Fashionista even styled her hair in the lazy ‘half up, half down’ look. She topped this look off with a pair of sunglasses to hide her tired eyes. There’s nothing like a pair of shades to hide how you really feel inside, especially when it comes to school.