There is a fine line between comfort and style. Sometimes we need to give up a little comfort to look hot as hell for that guy in our Consumer Behavior class who seems to be playing games with you. He dropped his pencil near you, and had the audacity to ask if you can get it for him, even after he sent you a “k” when you told him that you were going to that bar on Fourth Avenue a week ago. And then he goes ahead and stretches his arms over his head just enough to show his midriff ever so slightly, to reveal the bottom of his six pack. In this case, it is fine to wear those six-inch heels that start to develop those disgusting blisters within the first block of walking, if pencil boy is going to be at the bar that night.

I understand the title of this article is what to wear to class, but I think I should make myself clear before we dive right in. This is what you wear to class when you want to fool people into thinking that you actually work out, even if you don’t. A guy likes a girl who works out. It isn’t a generalization. I am not saying that he is going to like Becky from your 8 a.m. more than you just because she works out, but it is a plus. Even if you have a great body, it is pretty obvious that you haven’t hit the gym since middle school P.E. when you lack any shape given by the slightest development of a muscle.

Now don’t go and pair this Fashionista with the point I am trying to make, because she can probably beat up half the guys I know. But all I am saying is that there is a level of mystery within her outfit. I have a theory that the higher the pony tail, the more fun the girl is. A high pony tail is literally the difference between the WNBA and the NBA(sorry feminists).

The plain black leggings paired with some cute Nike’s makes her ready to take a quick run in between classes. The Lululemon top keeps a clean feel, along with the slightly puffy Lululemon jacket. It gets cold in Arizona people! We sometimes have to put on a second layer! But at least we can look trendy while doing so instead of needing a parka in the snow. Her gray puffy jacket can be used for anything really, but let’s keep with the trend here. She is probably heading to the bench press right after she tells pencil boy to go to hell.

But all the while, she is dressed to eat an entire family sized bag of hot Cheetos alone in her bed tonight. Scoot over hot stuff because I will slide on my sports bra and join you.