I am a firm believer of style over comfort, but why not have the best of both worlds? Being late to class while trying on a million outfits for the perfect look gets old, and being cold in that new t-shirt is not going to cut it for me anymore. Luckily, our featured Fashionisto show us how to rock the style and comfort look, and so can you!

As Fashionista/o’s we aim to be trendsetters and flaunt a certain style each day in order to fit our aesthetic. Although we thrive on planning our outfits, being late to class isn’t worth the impact of that timely process. Our Fashionisto keeps his outfit comfortable by rocking Nike sneakers, but also trendy by incorporating a patterned button up. This look is a go-to for anyone trying to save time getting to class while also looking fashionable doing so.

The colors in our Fashionisto’s outfit blend well together to create a chill vibe to his look. Another alternative one could make to this outfit is switching out khakis for black skinny jeans. This switch would be an excellent option if you were transitioning from class to a dinner or get together. This simple change keeps the style and comfort mindset that we are aiming for!

In order to maintain your style with comfort during the school day, I recommend hats, skinny jeans, Doc Martens, band tees, and button up shirts. Some of my favorite options include putting together a look like this:

1. This graphic T-shirt is totally effortless and definitely unisex, despite its category on Urban Outfitter’s site, so rock this your next class period!
2. Pair your tee with these loose high jeans in black. For another option, consider black skinny jeans.
3. Top it off, literally, with this super RAD hat!
4. Stomp your way into class with some classic Doc Martens, and you’ll be effortlessly owning the semester in style.

When you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you will also feel confident and your style will become effortless!