October 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

Class wear should always be comfortable enough to last you throughout the day and stylish enough to keep up with current trends. The past is known to repeat itself, and when it comes to fashion, that statement remains true! Vintage-looking pieces have reappeared in recent collections giving consumers the option to theoretically “go back in time.”

This Fashionisto incorporated several classic pieces to give the look a vintage vibe. The statement piece, his ’90s inspired windbreaker, was the main focus of the outfit. It gave the look a pop of color, allowing the jacket and him to stand out. Classrooms are known to be extra chilly, so wearing a light cover up is perfect and easy to take off.

Not to mention, his leather derby shoes accentuate the theme off the outfit. They give off a vintage feel and allow him to look well put together. They are comfortable enough to spend your days walking across campus and can definitely be a versatile piece in your closet!

Lastly, the finishing touches to this outfit are his accessories. This Fashionisto paired two chains together over a classic black turtleneck and added a vintage watch. These pieces ultimately highlight the retro vibe and infuse with his other articles of clothing. The beauty of this outfit is that any Fashionista/o can wear it! All these statement pieces can be found at local thrift stores and can make any outfit a “throwback!”