October 4th, 2016 at 2:10am

Going through college, we have phases and experience a lot of growth. We are not the same people that we were when we first stepped on campus. Another part of us that matures is our wardrobe. As we get older, we find ourselves leaning toward more professional pieces of clothing that can be implemented in your everyday attire.

It is possible to have a comfortable and classy look for when you go to class. The stereotype of college students is that we wear pajamas and other unsightly articles of clothing to class, but that is definitely not the case for most people.

This Fashionista’s outfit is very mature but also very comfortable and casual. Pairing the crop top with the bodycon skirt is often looked at as “dressy” but she proves that it can also make a great casual look. The olive jacket adds another casual element and a sense of color in this black and white outfit. Her choice of shoes are also very casual but still different. Platform sandals have definitely been making an appearance in a lot of outfits and this is the perfect example. The handbag this Fashionista has chosen ties the black and white theme back together.

This outfit is the perfect balance of classy and casual. Even enduring a long and busy day of classes you won’t be left uncomfortable at the end of the day. You can incorporate mature pieces  into your daily outfits and still be comfortable. Step outside of the stereotype and “dress up” for class every once in a while. Show your growth in every way, even your wardrobe.