The end of summer weather for the beginning of classes on campus makes it hard to find an outfit that looks cute without you sweating through it. Students are always looking for ways to dress for class, but many, like myself, give up on everything but athletic wear because it is just too hot.

This Fashionista found a perfect solution to this. She is an on the go student with a very busy schedule. As a president of a club, she likes to dress cute for the day in case she has activities later she must look nice for. Her look shown is a perfect versatile outfit for the end of summer weather. She is wearing a patterned dress, but the fun thing about it is that it has slits on the sides. This requires you to wear something underneath, but it is a cool alternative to the typical dress. It gives you lots of breathing room while providing a flirty flare to the outfit. This Fashionista has paired it with nice black shorts. On her feet, she has an easy pair of nude slip-on flats that look professional and comfortable. This is a great staple outfit for a Fashionista because you can look put together without all of the effort! A dress can be a little stressful to wear to class because you always have to worry about being modest in how you are sitting or bending down. This option allows you to present yourself like you are wearing a dress, but you have the security of shorts underneath. Here is a link to a dress like hers, but it is more for the fall months with long sleeves. Pair that with a cute scarf or a long necklace, and you will look great!

This look is awesome for this Fashionista because her day usually carries into her night and she does not even have to worry about finding another outfit. She can just throw on a pair of cute wedges, and she is ready to go out to dinner or be social with her friends!