The leaves are beginning to fall, the pumpkin flavors are coming back and of course, fall fashion is back in full swing. Fall to me is just the best time of the year. The weather brings many new trends for outfits for all the Fashionistas out there. Even though the “fall” label exists, the summer weather still is apparent. Somedays a cute sweater with denim cutoffs is the go-to. The next day it could be boyfriend jeans with a simple T-shirt. In the beginning months of the season, it really all depends on the weather. For me I am definitely ready for the cooler days. The must-have for the fall season is that sweater that you can wear with anything.

Fall also brings a brand new school year. Everyone is always so excited to be back on campus, but sometimes it is a struggle for some when it comes to clothes and class. I am all about the comfort look for class. Who wouldn’t want to start their early morning feeling comfy, yet looking cute. This is the time to bring out the flannels, booties and of course denim.

This Fashionista shows off comfy and chic at its finest. She paired a simple black legging with a trendy off-the-shoulder graphic T-shirt. To make the T-shirt a little more fitted, she tied in a tiny knot. The knot is on trend and it makes a bigger T-shirt look way cuter. As I said, the big comfy sweaters are key in any wardrobe. She has an amazing big Free People sweater to add the comfy side to her outfit. This sweater is amazing and very universal with any outfit. Even though it is still warm, you definitely need a sweater for those 8:00 a.m. classes. To finish off her look, she paired a white sneaker with her outfit. It is all about comfort for class and especially walking to class, sneakers are a must. This outfit stood out to me because it can accommodate any Fashionista out there.

As the weather gets colder, switch out the sneakers for a pair of riding boots and you are set!