The basic T-shirt: a timeless clothing staple that should be mandatory for all college students’ wardrobes. You can easily wear them with any outfit and look put together (even during those 8:00 a.m. classes). Basic T-shirts are essential for college students because they allow you to save time instead of taking hours to choose an outfit for school. They are simple, but incredibly effective.

Although a classic white shirt seems like the perfect option to wear everyday, it is better to mix it up and have people guessing what you will wear to class. The Fashionista did so by choosing to wear a pink T-shirt from H&M. H&M has one of the comfiest T-shirts and you can simply purchase them there. Wearing different colored basic T-shirts will help keep your outfit looking trendy and unique.

This Fashionista explained that her basic T-shirt is one of her go-to staples because she likes to feel comfortable at school, especially when she’s on campus all day. This Fashionista paired it with her black high-waisted jeans and Steve Madden booties. What I like most about this outfit is that it is appropriate for class.

Remember to always pair accessories with your basic shirt. It will help you look put together and stylish for class.

Have an important dinner to attend right after class? Switch the boots for black heels and wear a leather jacket over the T-shirt! This will transition your outfit to a super glamorous nighttime look.