If you’re living in New York right now, it’s pretty clear that it’s super hot and muggy outside. Even though that can be really gross, especially after having class all day, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear sweatpants and hoodie and call it a day. In fact, the summer to fall transition weather can help contribute to quick and amazing outfits that can be classy and professional.

This Fashionista keeps her outfit classic and comfortable and perfect for an Instagrammable snap in Washington Square Park. Starting with her top, this Fashionista uses a simple white tank to add a light and airy touch to her look. You could easily get one of these from a local thrift store or probably the back of your closet. She pairs this shirt with a cute, floral skirt. The length of the skirt  isn’t inappropriately short for class and the blue in the skirt adds a pop of color. Her shoes match the look perfectly as she uses a classic, solid color. The practicality of sandals over heels makes it easy for this Fashionista to move from class to class. She finishes off the look with a denim jacket which is perfect for when class gets cold.

After class, especially if it’s a Friday, you could be planning to go out with your friends. Adding a cute pair of wedges could transition this look from a day look to a formal night look. It would be like you weren’t in class in the first place!