It is 8:30 PM on a Sunday night, the iron is still sizzling and on your bed lies the quintessential outfit. Each piece pressed to perfection and as far as your backpack, well, that has been packed since last week. It does not matter if you are a freshman or a graduate student, like a delicious lemon sorbet, the first day of school outfit takes time to prepare. If not, it can become a true recipe for disaster.

Step one is to find your inspiration. This Fashionista found her inspiration from her professional major! She says she wanted to mix her school life and street-chic minimalist style all while being comfortable. This Fashionista knows that outside it may be steamy, but in the classroom it can get quite chilly. A blazer adds professionalism to the outfit and keeps her warm during class. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having at least one blazer in your closet that you can keep handy for interviews, internships or everyday wear like this Fashionista.

Step two is to realize you do not have to sacrifice comfort to look good. Take this Fashionista’s outfit for example. Underneath the blazer she wears a comfortable-fitting ribbed crop top and distressed denim jeans that are exceptionally breathable. The distressed denim and the ribbon of exposed midriff allows air to move freely through the ensemble. Its flexibility allows her to walk to class without breaking a terrible sweat. Like I mentioned in my last article, the beginning weeks of fall semester are awkward weather wise. Our hearts beg for sweaters and boots, but we have to be realistic with our outfit choices.

Step three is to wear shoes that you can walk in without discomfort. Shoes that rub against the back of your heels or squish your toes together are to be avoided at all cost. This Fashionista found these amazing blush toned Cole Haan loafers at a thrift shop. They work because, like the blazer, it adds a hint of sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit. If you find that your new shoes are rubbing against you, try putting a bandage over the spot to create a barrier and prevent rubbing.

Step four is to relax, breathe and not freak out about starting a new school year. This Fashionista knows that without those key components the saying, “look good feel good” does not hold any weight. Make sure to allow yourself to focus while staying calm and this Fashionista promises you that you are going to be successful. If it starts to become difficult just remember, that when life gives you lemons, you make lemon sorbet.