I ran into this Fashionisto on campus on his way to class. At Alabama, almost every student opts for Nike shorts and T-shirts when it comes to what to wear during the week. However, this Fashionisto didn’t let the campus norm dictate his style. “While it can be easy to want to wear the extra comfy so-called Alabama ‘uniform’, I force myself to get dressed even when it can be really difficult. When I feel my best, I perform my best—both in school and at work,” he said.

He rocks an easy and comfortable look that battles the Alabama heat, while still looking fabulous and expressing himself through his outfit. The green T-shirt complements his green Keds; the two items creating a pop of color against his khaki shorts. For accessories this Fashionisto chose a Lokai bracelet that was a gift from Haiti, and of course, the ever-growing popular Fitbit. He tops it off with his favorite Ray-ban sunglasses, perfect for both function and fashion while walking across campus.

When asked about how he chooses his outfits in the morning, this Fashionisto explained, “I try on at least three outfits every day. My mindset each day is that you never know who you’re going to run into or who you’re going to meet.” At the end of our conversation, I asked him what could be one simple change to make to this outfit so it is appropriate for an evening out. His suggestion was switching out his shorts for a pair of colored denim pants—he recommends a light brown. I really enjoyed getting to talk with him and after this conversation I am inspired to dress up more on campus here at Alabama!