It is that time of year again; time for early morning alarms and coffee practically being an I.V. running through your blood 24/7. I feel that being dressed up for class is the key to success in college. That may sound like a hard task but trust me, getting up an extra twenty minutes to do your hair and makeup will be life changing. I find that when I look and feel good I find myself 100 percent more productive and powerful during the day.

This Fashionista was all ready for the first day of school and ready for success. She decided to wear a pair of mom-like jeans. She perfectly accessorized  the pair of jeans with a western style belt. Along with jeans, she decided to wear a black V-neck crop top. To pair with her perfect edgy style, she decided to sport a pair of chunky heeled black boots. This Fashionista’s outfit looks like she is ready to take on whatever the semester brings her.

If I have any advice for y’all this semester it is dress for success. Never dress for anyone but yourself. It will make you a powerful person. Remember you are all your own person and to express your individual style.

As the days get cooler, this Fashionista could easily make a few changes to make this just a bit warmer to walk to class in. She could add a quick button-up or a larger jacket over it. She could even add a pair of socks to peak out from under boots.