During the beginning of the school year, dressing for school is never easy. It is scorching hot walking to class, but once you get there the air conditioner makes it unbearable to listen to your professor. So what is a Fashionista to do?

This outfit is perfect for the hot and humid August air and the cool and drafty school lecture halls. It provides some ventilation and air for before class and some coverage once class starts. With the ripped jeans to allowing some ventilation and air for your legs, it cannot get too hot. The holes are not very large and spaced out, so once you get to class there won’t be any goosebumps coming from the holes. The tank top works perfectly for walking across campus to get to class. When the sun is right on your back as you walk, no Fashionista will lose her cool on her way to school. The flannel is perfect for class inside because it acts like a cardigan. While waiting for the professor, if there is a cool breeze circulating the classroom the flannel will be a perfect shield.

This outfit is also perfect because it is comfortable and stylish. While I am not the first person to volunteer to wear jeans to school, the sneakers, tank top, flannel and jeans really are a look anyone can rock on any day. It is also a style that can be switched up based on style preferences and the weather. If a Fashionista prefers black jeans and a cardigan, they can still rock this look.