It’s that time of year again. Time to head back to campus for another semester filled with long nights of studying and early morning classes. On the bright side, campus life comes equipped with friends, fun and of course, fashion. So maybe you hate your macroeconomics class, but look on the bright side—you still have that fabulous back to school wardrobe waiting in your closet.

As the school year, rolls in I’ve been keeping an eye on what my fellow Fashionista/os are wearing to class—let’s be honest, who doesn’t? On my way to class, I spotted this outfit that I thought was perfect for the first week of classes. If you’ve read any of my previous articles, you would know I am all about comfort, especially on busy days. This Fashionista had a busy day of classes ahead of her and intended to be comfortable while still remaining on trend.

Alexa decided to pair her favorite ripped boyfriend jeans with a simple black tank top to create this edgy look that is perfect for class and transitioning weather. Accessories are key when it comes to an outfit this simple. This Fashionista does a great job at paying attention to the little details of her look. Her white and rose gold adidas sneakers and black tote bag are perfect for running to and from class. Alexa’s simple black and gold choker necklace was customized just for her, and in my opinion, is perfect for an upcoming semester that calls for simple styles.

Want to go out with your friends but don’t have enough time to change after class? This outfit is perfect for you. Simply trade in the sneakers and tote for a bold pair of heels and cross-body bag, and you’re ready for a girls night out!