Strap on your backpacks and sharpen those number two pencils: summer vacation is officially over and it’s time to get back into the grind of college classes. Gone are the days of hanging by the pool—it’s time to trade in those flip flops for a backpack. Go back-to-school shopping for more than a pile of insanely expensive textbooks; follow this Fashionisto’s lead and treat yourself with a new look for class!

I almost let this Fashionisto pass me by while I was rushing across the quad to my next class. I may have been late to class, but stopping this Fashionisto was definitely the best thing I’ve done in the semester thus far. What caught my eye about this Fashionisto’s outfit was his attention to detail and focus on a monochromatic color palette. I was extremely impressed by his ability to color coordinate. The structure of this outfit itself is rather simple, but this look communicates that this stylish dude knows a lot more about fashion than he is currently letting on.

Picking out a trendy look for an 8:00 a.m. class will seem nonsensical most days, even to the most style-dedicated people (including myself), so relying on color to make the statement in your outfit is the way to go. From this Fashionisto’s simple sky blue T-shirt, to his baby blue skinny jeans and indigo sneakers, he’s literally chasing the blues of classes away. Comfort is obviously key for a long day of classes, and this is the look to rock when you want to be comfortable and cool. Obviously, don’t forget your backpack—you’re going to need it.

So, making plans with a special someone after your long day of classes? This look can easily be transformed for date night! Swap out the T-shirt for a button-down shirt and you’re ready to make a great impression after a long day of lectures.