You slept through your alarm and now you’re scrambling to get out of the door on time. Miraculously, you get to class on time but at the expense of looking like you got ready in three minutes. We’ve all been there, but never fear, I have your solution: create your own everyday uniform! By figuring out what looks good on you and can be thrown on quickly, you’ll look put together when in reality, you woke up 15 minutes ago.

While on campus, I found this Fashionisto and he is the perfect example of how pairing basic pieces can help you create a simple, put together look. His outfit is pretty straightforward: a button-down, a pair of khakis and a pair of slip-on loafers.

The deep navy blue color and tiny, floral print of his button down adds interest to his outfit and the short sleeves help keep him cool while walking around on campus. The print and color are allowed to be the star of his outfit because of the muted color of his khaki pants. If you buy your pants in the correct size, they can be almost as comfy as those sweatpants and you get the added benefit of looking like you have your life together.

Here in Oxford, it is not uncommon to see guys wearing slip-on loafers with any outfit. While I don’t think a dressier shoe should ever be worn with athleisure, it happens and I understand: they are easy and comfortable. When you are in a rush, the last thing you want to be bothered with is laces, just make sure to have some nice dress socks in your sock drawer.

Pop on your favorite sunglasses or a watch and you’re ready to go for the day!

One Simple Change: Do you need to look just a little more polished for that internship? A neutral blazer is a major closet essential that spruces up almost any outfit.