August 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

In college, it often seems the morning rush begins with snoozing the alarm for an extra twenty minutes and hurrying to grab that absolutely necessary cup of coffee. After late nights studying or just not wanting to get out of bed, picking a polished but comfortable outfit in the morning is not always an easy feat. It often feels you have to choose between looking chic or feeling comfortable for your long day of classes. If finding that happy medium in the morning is a reoccurring problem, then check out this Fashionista for the answer to your problem.

Our Fashionista combined the perfect amount of polish and comfy by opting to pair her favorite pair of jeans with an embroidered white top. Both with a flowy feel and unexpected sheer panels in the back, this top does not disappoint when looking to add an extra flair to a look. By choosing slip-on sneakers for ease and comfort, this Fashionista doesn’t have to worry about blisters while looking chic as she runs to class. To finish off the look, our Fashionista added a burgundy beaded tassel necklace to pull the whole outfit together, while at the same time adding her own twist to the outfit. With an outfit this stylish, you’ll never have to choose between cute and comfy for class again.

One Simple Change: Done with class and ready for a night out with girlfriends? With one change, you can take this outfit to the next level to celebrate a day’s hard work. Just switch out the slip-on sneakers for a pair of stand out wedges and get ready to have fun!