For most college students, getting dressed for class each morning is always a bit of a struggle. Do you wear your new wedges although they give you blisters? Do you actually have to do your hair today? How much jewelry is overdoing it? Do you put on that new skirt you just bought or stretchy leggings? Can’t you just go in your pajamas?

You’re tired from all-nighters studying in the library, tedious group presentations and writing essay after essay. The thought of sitting in a stuffy lecture hall all day makes you want to roll out of bed and just throw on sweatpants and an old hoodie. However, you don’t want to look like a complete slob. You still want to look chic and polished, yet feel casual and relaxed.

Dressed in effortless threads from American Eagle Outfitters, this Fashionista is ready to hit the books. She is taking on her classes dressed in casual, distressed denim and a flowy, silk tank top. Comfy, boho-style sandals are cute and make the trek across campus between lectures quick and easy. Her patterned, sheer scarf doubles as a cardigan, pulling the tank top and jeans together in a crisp outfit. The scarf is more vibrant than a normal cardigan, however, it is just as comfortable. All of these pieces are laid back yet stylish without looking over the top. There’s no need to look like a model on your way to econ, but you also shouldn’t look like a hobo. Adding simple accessories, like gemstone rings and a long necklace, give the outfit excitement. This Fashionista is ready for another day at school!

One Simple Change: Just finished class for the week and want to go out for celebratory happy hour drinks with your girlfriends? No problem! Just swap the lighter, distressed jeans for dark denim and switch the casual sandals to heeled-booties to give the outfit a more mature, classy look.