A beautiful face and a complementing outfit go a long way; however, KNOWLEDGE is your greatest accessory and will never go out of style! Ladies, I know how tempting it is to roll out of bed “in the middle of the night” and strut out of your front door sporting the same leggings you slept in and a coordinating Victoria’s Secret spirit jersey spritzed down in your favorite NIGHT perfume simply to savor a couple extra minutes of Z’s before making your not-so-fashionably-late entrance into your 9am class. However, it is time to fight the temptation!

How we present ourselves says a lot about us, so looking nice, professional and simply as if we give a flying hoot about the class we just walked into is crucial. Think of school as work and think of your professor as a boss. I am 100% sure that even your nicest pair of bedroom slippers would not impress your boss, so I am almost positive your professor will not take you quite as seriously in them either. Your professors can be great for networking in your future and will be responsible for writing you countless recommendations that will possibly dictate your future, so showing them that you respect them and their class by dressing nicely is only a small price to pay for a promising future.

As she walked to her summer class, I spotted the Fashionista responsible for inspiring this month’s article because her flirtatiously feminine, floral-printed magenta romper strutting down the sidewalk stuck out like a daisy in the crowd of black, worn-out leggings that walked sluggishly to their next class. She paired her romper with a black sunhat and long, black beaded necklace with a tassel at the end; both pieces bringing out the darker colors present in her romper. She tied her relatively color coordinating outfit up with a pair of light brown booties—which actually broke in the middle of shooting her pictures. (Even our favorite pieces fail us sometimes, but the Fashionista assured me that her booties had a long and fashionable run.) The Fashionista presented herself in a manner that made her stand out. She looked confident, determined and awake and ready to learn—far from the  “I just rolled out of bed and chugged two cups of coffee on the way to this horrid class that I am only attending to get a degree” look that we ALL are guilty of sometimes, but of course we do not mean it. We are just a little grumpy before our morning coffee.

One Simple Change: This look can easily be transformed from class to corporate in only minutes by adding a black blazer! If you are in a rush to get from school to work it makes sense to wear a versatile outfit that you can dress up or down rather than bringing an entirely new outfit. Unfortunately, your favorite leggings will not make the cut for work, so why should they make the cut for class?