Being on the quarter system is really rough for DU students, especially come mid-May when all of our friends are out for summer already. Despite this constant newsfeed lusting, there is one perk of still being school in Colorado, and that is the gorgeous weather. May is a month full of exams, projects and tears but it is also one of afternoon rainstorms that sneak up on you and turn into sun showers. Because of this, going to class can be a constant game of rolling the weather dice since often times you go to class and it’s 70 degrees and sunny but when you finish four hours later, it’s partly cloudy and raining.

This Fashionista had the perfect look to be comfortable in both settings: a black tunic dress and open toed heels. Heels can be tricky for class but this Fashionista had the perfect pair from Urban Outfitters, featuring a thicker heel for more support and ease on the go. Her dress is also flawless for going to and from classes all day and is casual enough for a lecture but also sophisticated enough for an in-class presentation.

What is even more versatile about this Fashionista’s look is the neutral color pallet. It is so hard to know if the weather is going to stay nice or go gloomy so neutrals are always a safe bet. No girl likes to be caught in a storm in a bright yellow or pink frock. This look is simple and comfortable, yet sleek and stylish in such a way that all of the focal pieces are all in black and white. Overall, there is a feeling of effortlessness about the look due to the black and white scheme and loose fit of the dress, thus making this ensemble one that every girl should try rocking to class this week.

One Simple Change: To take this look from a full day of classes to a date night look, just add a long pendant necklace, red lips and nude heels. For extra warmth in the case of wind, throw on a khaki jacket that will also complement the other neutral tones.