The sun is finally showing itself after what seems like an eternity of winter. For most people, that means happiness, going outside to enjoy the warm weather and spring cleaning. For a college student, it is probably one of the worst and most stressful times of the semester. Final papers, projects, pop quizzes and the dreaded final exams are just around the corner. Late night study sessions at the library, many refills of coffee and trying your hardest to not lose your mind can seem like a lot, and the last thing you are worried about is if you look presentable enough for the last few weeks of classes.

This Fashionista has an outfit that is so easy you can put it together in your sleep, literally! She starts with a pair of loose, ripped boyfriend jeans that she cuffs to show her sleek black Vans that she is wearing. She puts on a causal gray V-neck shirt and ties a green plaid flannel around her waist. She adds on simple accessories like a gold watch and bracelet and a long, gold feather necklace. Layering is a very important key element in this outfit and especially for the spring weather because it can be unpredictable sometimes. She can put on the flannel when it gets cold and even roll her jeans down as well.

One Simple Change: To change this look from class to summer, you can change out the flannel for a pair of ripped denim shorts for more of a country concert look, and possibly turn some heads as being one stylish concert goer this summer!