As the end of the final few weeks of class approach us, exhaustion sets in, morale is low, and we build a routine centered around coffee and sweatpants. Spring is one of my favorite seasons for fashion, but it is often overlooked by college students due to the impending doom of finals. As motivation for school dwindles, so does the motivation to dress for success. Fortunately, there are some style gods/goddesses out there who find time to inspire us with their own style even during the worst time of the semester.

This Fashionista exemplifies the perfect balance between comfort and class. Sporting a mix of Forever 21 goodies and thrift store finds, she layers variating colors of denim. The baby blue chambray drawstring shorts are light, airy and perfect when paired with a 3/4 sleeved flowered denim button-down. Wearing a simple cotton gray T-shirt to break up the blue, she also layers with an accenting pale blue lace camisole to match the shorts. Long sleeves with shorts is perfect for the unpredictable spring weather. She accessorizes the final look with a pair of cool reflective aviators and white Keds that insure comfort on those long walks to class. The pastel chambray pieces really create a clean, feminine look that is great for any occasion.

One Simple Change: It’s Friday, on the last week of classes, trying to get in one more fun night before dreaded finals week. Throw on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a heeled cognac bootie to spice up your outfit. Perfect for a casual night out with friends!