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May 5th, 2016 at 2:06am

It’s probably not best to admit this (sorry professors!), but class often becomes an afterthought when you’re a senior in college. Internships become more intense, spending time with friends becomes more important and the desperate job hunt takes up any remaining hours before graduation. Needless to say, putting thought into an outfit for class becomes even more of an afterthought. Yet while getting dressed for that lazy 1:00 p.m. class might not seem that important, showing up in yesterday’s sweats can not only give a bad impression to teachers but send the wrong message to your brain as well. So how can one maintain the look of “dedicated student” without spending any precious time deciding what to wear? I found a girl who’s mastered just that.

Sweats often get a bad rap, but done well they can be both stylish and fun. This Fashionista understands that perfectly and chose a navy blue sweatshirt to start off her look. Though it could’ve easily turned into a lazy outfit, she redeemed the choice by pairing her top with an unexpected pair of acid wash jeans. With such a simple ensemble, her accessories brought the look from minimalist to just stylish enough. By adding a tooled belt, suede booties and a bright yellow purse, she created the perfect amount of flair without getting into maximalist territory. Overall, the look is easy, trendy and a surefire way to get dressed in a cinch.

With finals around the corner and the prospect of jobs looming over our heads, being a senior is as stressful as is gets. Yet as every good Fashionista knows, that’s still no excuse to let our style fall to the wayside. By incorporating lazy pieces into a stylish and unexpected look, getting dressed for class or any other boring (yet necessary) activity can become that much easier.

One Simple Change: Studying for finals? Swap out the jeans for a chic pair of sweats and trade the booties for some Stan Smiths for a trendy look that will last all night.