With the school year coming to an end, this Fashionista told me she is on a mission to wear all her favorite outfits for her final weeks at college! This Fashionista loves to dress up for class, so I caught her on her way to a communications seminar across campus. She chose to dress up and take advantage of the beautiful weather outside and I think she made the perfect choice with colors, textures and her overall mood!

Let’s start out with this gorgeous blue dress from Urban Outfitters. The pattern is simple, breezy and screams spring. The look in general gives a very boho-chic vibe, which is modern and hip. This outfit expresses this Fashionista’s personality, and that is a sign of her eye for trendy fashion. Speaking of trendy, her sunglasses are the perfect touch. They complement the dress perfectly and bring out that bright, metallic blue. The blue is able to settle down with this Fashionista’s neutral sandals, which creates a perfect balance of color overall. I am loving this look and I am confident this Fashionista has good taste in fashion!

One Simple Change: This look can totally be transformed into the perfect outfit for a weekend brunch. Perhaps this Fashionista could add a long, white sweater just in case it gets chilly. She could even slip on a pair of short booties to make the look more formal. Overall, her dress is very versatile and can be worn for many occasions. When going for a spring look, I think it is best to include patterns with touches of neutrals, such as in a sweater or shoes to complement the louder color scheme!